About Web DeZone

WebDeZone is a brainchild of Samuel Samson, a seasoned graphic designer with a multitude of experience under his belt. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design from University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines. He went on to showcase his proficiency by working as a Graphic Designer for a renowned recording company in a span of 10 years. In January 2009, he bade his homeland farewell to embark on a new adventure in Australia. Armed with his skills and enthusiasm, his career continued to flourish in the Land Down Under as he found employment in a printing and letterbox distribution company in Western Sydney.

An innate eager beaver, Sam decided to study Web Design at TAFE Mount Druitt in order to keep up with the dynamic trends in the field of design. As part of his school’s requirements, he needed to set up a website in which he could apply what he has learned about Php, Javascript, jQuery, MySql and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). He did not have to think any further as he conceptualized the site to become an avenue to showcase the fruits of his efforts from his early days of designing up to the present.

Hence, WebDeZone was born. The name is a merger of “Web Design Zone”, an apt branding of an online realm which features a bountiful portfolio of original website designs, poster and billboard layouts, point of purchase, logos, brochures, album covers and a whole lot more.

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